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B2CI Trail Plan leads to $611,000 NYS DOT Grant

DSC_0844Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement $67 million in funding for bicycle, pedestrian and multi-use path enhancement projects, includes $611,000 to implement the first phase of the Barcelona Harbor to Chautauqua Institution Trail.  This 1.5 mile section of trail will extend from Lakeside Park to East Chautauqua Street in Mayville.

During the Chautauqua County Greenway Planning process, completed by Pashek Associates in April 2012, stakeholders envisioned the proposed trail.  As a result, the County funded a trail feasibility study to determine if the proposal was viable.  In that recently completed study, the Lakewood Park to Mayville portion of trail was identified by Pashek Associates as a demonstration project because of its high visibility.

John Buerkle said “We hope the implementation of a high quality trail experience through this portion of the proposed trail corridor will build support for extending it further, to Barcelona Harbor to the north, and Chautauqua Institution to the south.  Once completed, the trail will have a positive impact to the businesses in Mayville, Westfield and Barcelona that provide the goods and services that visitors to the trail will seek.  The first section of trail is typically the most difficult to get on the ground.  Typically once local residents experience what a trail has to offer, momentum builds for extending it.”B2CI Executive Summary Map V6

The Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Economic Development, Pashek Associates and the County Department of Public Facilities worked collaboratively in preparing the application, with the County of Public Facilities leading the way.

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