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Beautifying the Northside

Saturday, there was lots of activity on the east end of the East Ohio Street business district. Kids from the nearby Allegheny Alliance Church and neighbors worked to clean up some of the buildings and plant a recently updated entrance sign in the neighborhood.


Pashek Associates helped the project by donating design services for a planting plan for the entrance sign, arranging to pick up 40 bags of topsoil and mulch donated by Home Depot and acquiring plants from Best Feeds at their Babcock Boulevard retail outlet. For a week, our office looked like a nursery with plants filling the conference room and hallways stacked with bags of soil and mulch, hoses, and garden tools. John Buerkle, Vice President at Pashek Associates, oversaw the planting operations last Saturday. Thanks John for donating some of your personal time to improve the Northside!


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