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Bike Riding Reduces our Carbon Footprint in 2013

IMG_1202Pashek Associates encourages employees to commute via bike, bus or car pool to reduce our use of nonrenewable energy.  This year Matt Shaffer and Jim Pashek decided to track their bike rides into work.  They ended up recording about 540 miles in 2013 from early spring to late fall.  Their efforts would be similar to riding on the Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and about two thirds of the way back.  Or, if they started in the northern suburbs, they would almost take both Matt and Jim to our projects in the Chautauqua area in New York state and back.  In addition, if a certain field goal kicker for Kansas City had made the field goal in the fourth quarter of their game with San Diego the other week, their commuting in 2013 would almost equal the round trip distance to Cincinnati from Pittsburgh last weekend for the first round of playoffs.

Matt and Jim are going to get serious about bike commuting in 2014 and hope to significantly increase their total bike riding mileage.  Jim is encouraging Matt not to look at the thermometer in the morning when deciding to ride.  Though, considering today’s freezing temperatures and wind chill, it’s hard to imagine anyone out there riding their bikes.  We look forward to seeing others out there joining us in getting healthier, reducing carbon emissions and enjoying the beautiful landscape that we live in in western Pennsylvania. IMG_1201

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