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Breathing Our Air: What We Can do to Improve the Worst Air Quality in the Nation

image-of-cars-on-28-for-breathe-article-e1374496089672-225x300Pittsburgh has some of the worst air pollution in the country. Even more troubling, while other cities with bad air pollution are improving their air quality, Pittsburgh is not advancing nearly as quickly. These were just some of the alarming statistics that announce loud and clear that we need to change the way we live.Marily Nixon, Breathe Project Coordinator for the Heinz Endowments presented some sobering news at the launch of the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge at the Pittsburgh Zoo on Wednesday, June 26. She touched on ways each of us can make a difference as we work together to turn the tide and begin reducing toxic particles in our air.

Her presentation got us thinking about our efforts at Pashek Associates and in our homes to reduce our reliance on energy that pollutes our air. Many of us can break our well entrenched habits and try to walk or bike to an errand nearby, to commute by bike or to carpool to work, and for some of us, consider a hybrid or all electric car the next time we buy an auto. But all of us can unplug our computers when we do not us them, turn off the lights when we are not in the room, plant a tree and buy locally grown products. Less demand on energy means less pollution. It is as simple as that and we need to begin now in doing our part. If we all do, we will breathe easier.

To learn more about the Breathe Project and what steps you can take to improve our air quality go to their website at

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