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Pashek Associates Saves 211.78 Pounds of CO2 by Riding Bikes in 2011

Bike-to-Work-Paul-225x300Back in April of 2011, the office bought a pair of bikes in order to reduce our Carbon footprint.  Along with encouraging employees to bike into work, the office has racked up 260.9 miles of pedal power in 2011.  Those miles included riding to lunch, errands, meetings, and commute to work.

By riding instead of driving, we have saved almost 11 gallons of gasoline and about 211.78 pounds of CO2.  In case you are wondering what 211.78 pounds looks like, imagine a 12.3 foot cube.  That’s 1,876.30 cubic feet of greenhouse gases saved from entering our atmosphere!  We hope to ride, instead of drive, even more in 2012.

Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge

Today is the official launch of Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge.  Pashek Associates is entering the one-year competition in order to build upon other green efforts such as our green roof and office bike fleet.  logo-300x71The goal is to reduce our energy and resource use, and to beat out the friendly competition to become the greenest company in Pittsburgh.  Check out the Press Release for more information.

Pashek Associates Buys Office Bikes to Celebrate Earth Day

kettler_klassick-300x256As an office, we have tried to become more sustainable over the years. We have a green roof, we recycle everything we possibly can, we buy recycled paper, and a few of us are even able to ride bikes to work every so often. However, lately we’ve realized that we can still do more.

Conveniently located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, our main office is close to downtown and the Strip District where we have several meetings and errands to do, and we can’t forget lunch to pick up. Most times we drive to these places since it is faster than walking, and we all know that time is precious. However, we’ve also realized that driving to downtown can be difficult when you have to find parking, not to mention the needless CO2 that is pumped into the atmosphere. Who wants to do that if all they have to do is run quickly into the City County Building for an errand or go to a meeting that is close?

So, it came to us one day recently that we could buy a pair of bikes that would be stored in the office for just those occasions. Fully decked out with baskets for storage, helmets for safety, and bike locks for… well you get the point. These bikes will save us time, gas, and will help us improve the environment. We can even have a leisurely ride along the Allegheny River trails during lunch to stay physically and mentally healthy. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than this!