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Welcome Nick Sisco!

We are excited to announce that Nick Sisco will be joining Pashek + MTR as a community planner! Nick will join Adriana Bowman, Jenni Easton, Elaine Kramer, and Jim Pashek in advancing the firm’s work in community planning.

Inspired by Ian McHarg and as both an outdoor thrill-seeker (climbing and whitewater kayaking) and passionate urbanite, Nick envisions communities that can balance both the built and natural environments while meeting the needs of all residents (human or otherwise). He specializes in GIS analysis, cartography, and graphic design. He believes that complex concepts and data can be easily translated through minimalist design aesthetics. 

Nick has over five years in the planning profession in the public, private, and federal sectors. He has conducted planning efforts in communities across the US and in Germany. He has a breadth of experience in the fields of green infrastructure and resiliency planning.  

Nick holds a Master of Community Planning degree from the University of Cincinnati; a Bachelor of Science degree, Major: Geology and Environmental Science, Minor: Geography, from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and a GIS Certificate recognized by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.  He holds certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and is currently pursuing his Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) certification. 

When not at work, you can find Nick climbing at Seneca Rocks, WV, kayaking the Lower Youghiogheny River, or at a concert near you.  

Welcome Adriana!

Adriana Bowman, Planner
Adriana Bowman, Planner

We are pleased to welcome Adriana Bowman as a planner at Pashek + MTR.  Adriana will join Jenni Easton, Elaine Kramer, and Jim Pashek in advancing the firm’s work in community planning. 

Adriana has a passion for policy, urban planning, research, and sustainable economic and community development. These areas of interest have taken her from her own backyard to countries around the world as she has immersed herself in local cultures and languages and assessed and synthesized information to develop programs that can be analyzed and quantified. Adriana brings creativity, technical skills and knowledge of planning processes and policy to all her projects.

Her internships with the City of Pittsburgh and the non-profit Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC) have contributed to her skills in research, analysis, and community development. She has collected and analyzed data for improving housing and zoning policy and interviewed residents and stakeholders to collect crucial perspectives. Adriana’s presentation skills center on crystalizing findings and translating those into policies for helping places become more sustainable, equitable and enjoyable.

Adriana holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of South Carolina and will be receiving her Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh in May of 2021.

Heather Fuller Receives Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification

Last month Heather obtained an Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification through the International Code Council.  This certification demonstrates her knowledge and commitment to site and building accessibility.

It is critical to apply accessible design principles in order to create more inclusive spaces for everyone.  Complying with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and other building accessibility codes can be a complex and challenging process.  Heather has over ten years of experience working with these standards and helps us smoothly navigate through each design phase to achieve accessibility and avoid costly complications down the line.

With this certification Heather can perform:

  • Plan reviews to verify they are designed to be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and/or local accessibility codes before construction begins;
  • Site inspections to verify a site meets all applicable accessibility requirements during or after the completion of construction;
  • Site assessments to identify any items or areas of non-compliance in existing facilities;
  • Consulting in the development of strategies for on-going proactive accessibility needs.

Welcome Jenni!

Jenni Easton, Senior Planner
Jenni Easton, Senior Planner
Jenni Easton, AICP, CNU-A

We are pleased to welcome Jenni Easton as a senior planner at Pashek+MTR. Jenni will share leadership in advancing the firm’s work in community planning with Elaine Kramer and Jim Pashek. As senior planner, she guides communities through the implementable planning process to realize the visions for their communities.

Working with municipalities to facilitate comprehensive plans, zoning ordinance rewrites and targeted regulatory amendments, Jenni’s approach reflects leading-edge best practices. Her planning practice focuses on the relationship between the physical design of neighborhoods, communities and regions and the social and economic issues they experience.

Jenni is passionate about evaluating and retooling the local regulatory frameworks that shape the built environment. She helps communities change the ground rules for development, giving them the tools they need to enable and incentivize the investments they envision.

She combines a fine arts background with advanced training in data and policy analysis. This combination allows Jenni to organize and clearly communicate complex concepts. Her concise analysis and robust illustrations make her work easy to digest, and clients appreciate that she provides both granular details and big-picture context. Her experience in administering ordinances as a contract zoning officer is clear in the practical, internally consistent way she drafts regulatory language.

Jenni’s previous experience includes five years as a community planner with a Pittsburgh based engineering firm, and five years as a housing and community development consultant with a Pittsburgh based planning firm. In her previous role as a housing and community development consultant, Jenni served as primary author of housing market studies, fair housing assessments and similar projects for cities, counties and regional partnerships across 12 states. She has presented to national audiences on transit-oriented development and assessing affordable housing need.

Jenni holds certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), accreditation through the Congress for New Urbanism Accredited (CNU-A), and a member of the Urban Land Institute Pittsburgh.

Jenni holds a Dual Bachelor of Arts degree, Major: Journalism and Interdisciplinary Fine Art, Minor: German, from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Public Administration degree, Major: Policy Research & Analysis, Minor: Urban and Regional Affairs, from the University of Pittsburgh.

Welcome Lucy!

We are pleased to welcome our new summer intern Lucy Rummler! Lucy is an MLA student at Penn State University. She enjoys working on design projects that involve ecological restoration, pedestrian and bike infrastructure planning, and planting design. 

Lucy is excited to learn about the design process at Pashek + MTR and explore Pittsburgh this summer. Her undergraduate program and past work experiences have centered on plant ecology research, and she loves that landscape architecture allows her to combine this background with a design approach. Her master’s capstone project, which she is also working on this summer, is a flood resiliency project in Conway, South Carolina. She is also a volunteer for ClearWater Conservancy’s watershed cleanup, Centred Outdoors, and stream buffer monitoring programs.

Summer Intern Laura Esposito

This summer we have been pleased to have a new addition to our office, our summer intern Laura Esposito. A 2015 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Laura is heading into her final year of the Masters of Landscape Architecture program at the University of Georgia. We sat down with Laura to find out how her internship was going so far.

Kara: We try to give our summer interns a taste of everything we do at Pashek + MTR. What kinds of things have you been involved in this summer? Has anything surprised you or been different than what you expected?

Laura: Since Pashek + MTR does a wide variety of work, I’ve enjoyed attending a lot of meetings and experiencing what goes into every kind of project; what the client needs, how the project will be developed and then constructed, etc. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is just how many different “jobs” a landscape architect has, from creating graphics, communicating with various stakeholders, or navigating a municipality’s zoning ordinance. An LA has to be aware of all aspects of the project, from generating initial design concepts all the way to construction.

Kara: One of the things you’ve been helping us with is boosting the sustainability of our office operations for the Sustainable Workplace Challenge. Tell me more about what you’ve been up to with that.

Laura: I’ve had to the opportunity to write a few sustainable office policies and actually set those policies into motion, which has been fun. As of early July, we have eliminated most individual trash cans at desks, which also eliminates the need for the plastic trash bags that line them. Traditionally, the cleaning service would come and replace the trash bags even if they had one piece of trash in them. We’ve switched to having one small trash can for each floor of our office, which should cut our plastic bag use by about 80 percent.

Kara: What are the aspects of landscape architecture that you find most interesting and rewarding?

Laura: I really enjoy the ability to exercise creativity in this profession. I became interested in pursuing this career because I wanted to do something that utilized my interest in the natural and built environments in a creative way. I also enjoy that design requires problem solving, which always challenges you think outside the box and push yourself. I would like my work to provide people with public space that fosters a sense of place and community, becoming a backdrop for everyday life.

Kara: What are you looking forward to this fall when you return to school?

Laura: I want to learn as much as I can while still in school. I will be writing my thesis this year, which is a pretty daunting task. Although I’m still trying to nail down my exact topic, I would like to write about the redevelopment of the Lower Hill District in Pittsburgh; the urban renewal efforts of the 50s and 60s created social issues still present today. I’d like to explore how landscape architecture can influence neighborhood identity using the principles of human-centered design. Besides school, I’m looking forward to Saturdays in Athens, which include football games and lots of tailgating. Go Dawgs! Not looking forward to the 90+ degree days.

Kara: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

Laura: I see myself working for hopefully a small to mid-sized firm. I would like to get a variety of experiences in my first job, so working at a multi-disciplinary firm would be great.

We’ve enjoyed working with Laura and wish her all the best as she heads into her final year of grad school this August.  Thanks Laura for all your help this summer!