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B-cycle Demonstrates How Bike Sharing can Work in Pittsburgh

Today, a couple of us decided to ride our office bikes two miles (taking the scenic route through Point State Park) to grab lunch at the farmer’s market in Market Square.  The plaza was abuzz with people and activity.  Pedestrians and bicyclists came to socialize, eat lunch, pick up some wine or food for later, and listen to live music.  In addition, B-cycle was in the Square demonstrating how bike sharing works and gathering support for a B-cycle program in Pittsburgh.

B-cycle works along the same line as the Zip Car.  It works like this…  Say you want to make a couple of errands or run to a meeting nearby, but don’t want to deal with parking, the bus just takes too long, and/or you feel like cutting down your CO2 emissions and you don’t have a bike.  Well, you can walk a couple blocks to the nearest B-station and buy a membership card or swipe a card you paid for online to unlock a groovy-looking bike complete with heavy duty basket.  You ride to your destination and lock the bike back up at another B-station.

For more information about B-cycle, visit their website!

Is Big-Box Going Small?

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal about Big-Box stores shrinking in size.  That’s right, it seems as though big name retailers are starting to open more and more small-sized stores.  Staples has opened a 4,000 square foot store while Best Buy has several smaller stores averaging 1,400 square feet.  What does this mean for urban redevelopment?  Well, plenty of new opportunities of course.