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Convention Center Green Roof Wins Honor Award

We have just received news that our design for the David Lawrence Convention Center South Terrace Green Roof won an Honor Award from the Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). The award is the highest in its category.

Convention Center Green Roof Images_Page_03 (Large)Surrounded by windows, the 20,000 square foot South Terrace space is meant to serve as a flexible event area while showcasing the benefits of green roofs. The convention center hosts a variety of events, from small to large, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. A plaza allows space to set up for large banquets yet is still intimate to entertain small groups.

The design intent was to create a dynamic yet simplistic design to set the urban mood and help highlight the existing sculptural cable bundles that hold the iconic sweeping roof in place. The contrasting textures between the sedum and native meadow plantings explore the not-so-different growing requirements between the typical green roof plant palate and a more native plant palate.

Convention Center Green Roof Images_Page_04 (Large)The rigid structure of the space is softened by a meandering blue pathway that divides a native meadow from a low growing sedum planting. Made with recycled glass blasted pavers, the path reflects the nearby Allegheny River and speaks to the stormwater benefits of green roofs, which help reduce polluted runoff from entering waterways. The path also allows visitors to wander away from the event plaza and explore the plantings and cable bundles in more detail.

The plants were selected for their hardiness and drought resistance to lessen the need for irrigation. Most of the pavers have a high solar reflectance index (SRI) in order to reduce temperatures.

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