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Jamestown, NY Plans for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Last night John Buerkle and Mike Kotyk presented a draft Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan to local residents, cyclists, and city officials of Jamestown, NY.   A standing room only crowd packed the Lillian Vitanza Ney Renaissance Center to review, discuss, and provide feedback on a draft of the City of Jamestown Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

John and Mike were extremely pleased with the turn out for this meeting.  30 to 40 members of the Hollyloft Cycling Team showed their support by taking time to stop by during their weekly Tuesday night ride.  A quick head count indicated that an additional 70 plus persons attended the meeting.  The high attendance really shows how Jamestown residents are interested in making walking and bicycling safer and more comfortable within the City.


The Chautauqua County Health Network’s Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, and Play is coordinating the plan to promote active transportation as a key component of healthy lifestyles. CHP is funded through the New York State Department of Health.

“We know that if the city is more walkable and bikeable, that will encourage the community to go out and be more active and we are focused on the public health aspect of chronic disease prevention,” said Janet Forbes, CHP project coordinator. “Having this plan in place is going to be helpful for substantiating the need for funding and what the next steps are.”

For more information about the meeting click here.

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