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Pashek Associates Receives ZIP GOLD Certification

Zero Waste Pittsburgh’s ZIP Certification Program is a project of the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC).  ZIP is intended to encourage, reward and acknowledge organizations that have taken important steps towards reducing the waste they produce through recycling, composting and source reduction measures.


Pashek Associates attained GOLD Certification by:

  • Recycling everything from paper and cardboard to batteries, florescent bulbs, and printer cartridges
  • Buying products that include recycled content and/or from renewable resources
  • Educating employees about the benefits of recycling
  • Composting all food waste
  • Reducing or eliminating single use beverage containers and serviceware
Any business, organization, or even event can become ZIP certified.  Zero Waste Pittsburgh also offers assistance in developing a waste reduction program.  We encourage any business, organization, or event to look into becoming ZIP certified. For more information about the ZIP program or waste reduction resources check out their website.

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