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Pashek Associates Saves 211.78 Pounds of CO2 by Riding Bikes in 2011

Bike-to-Work-Paul-225x300Back in April of 2011, the office bought a pair of bikes in order to reduce our Carbon footprint.  Along with encouraging employees to bike into work, the office has racked up 260.9 miles of pedal power in 2011.  Those miles included riding to lunch, errands, meetings, and commute to work.

By riding instead of driving, we have saved almost 11 gallons of gasoline and about 211.78 pounds of CO2.  In case you are wondering what 211.78 pounds looks like, imagine a 12.3 foot cube.  That’s 1,876.30 cubic feet of greenhouse gases saved from entering our atmosphere!  We hope to ride, instead of drive, even more in 2012.

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