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Promoting Green Infrastructure

Sometimes it’s hard to convince people that more trees are good or that the extra cost for installing pervious paving can go a long way later.  The good news is that the Federal, State, and local governments are starting to recognize the importance of green infrastructure in protecting our health, safety, and welfare in addition to future cost savings and improving the environment.

For example, the Borough of Etna, Pennsylvania has had its fair share of flooding problems.  Located in the flood plain where Pine Creek enters the Allegheny River, Etna received millions of dollars of flood damage during the heavy rains of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  Even during lesser storms, Etna is prone to flooding.  In order to help solve this problem, the Borough has recently secured a state grant plus some of its own money to install permeable sidewalks and rain gardens.  Check out this article for more information.
Permeable pavers such can help reduce flooding and the cost of flood damage
Permeable pavers such can help reduce flooding and the cost of flood damage
Want to know the economic value of green infrastructure’s benefits for your community?  The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) and American Rivers have released a guide that places an economic value on the numerous benefits provided by green infrastructure.  Download “The Value of Green Infrastructure: A Guide to Recognizing its Economic, Social, and Environmental Benefits” here.

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