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Uniting Around the Idea: Playground Fun for All

The new Kid’s Castle playground in Cranberry Township will be a truly unique place.  In fact, it is called a “Uniting Playground” because it brings many people and ideas together, including activities for children of different ages, interests, and abilities.  In addition, the playground design was organized around three main themes reflecting the developmental timeline of the Township; Yesterday (a more natural play area with farms and forested rolling hills), Today (clock tower play structure reminiscent of the Town Center), and Tomorrow (a more futuristic-looking play area with wavy poles and mobius climbers).


The new playground will be constructed near the former PlayTime Palace in Cranberry Township’s Community Park, in Butler County.   Pashek Associates created the design through the eyes and vision of the Township, by incorporating elements for children to develop physical, social, communicative, sensory and cognitive skills through play.

One of the newest technologies we are incorporating into the design are sound buttons.  These “buttons” are sensors hidden underneath the safety surface that send a signal to a nearby sound “tower” that emanates different preprogramed sounds.  A new sound will resonate from the tower every time a person steps or rolls onto the sensor.  These sounds will surely pleasantly surprise new comers.

Other features include synthetic turf safety surfacing, play stage, bongo drums, ball-rolling troughs, multiple textured pavements, and leaf and hand imprints in the playground perimeter edging.

Stay tuned for photos of the playground after construction!

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