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Welcome Christine and Amelia!

We are excited to announce that Christine Dunn will be joining us as a landscape designer and planner. Amelia Gority will also be joining us as an intern for the summer.

Christine is passionate about designing places with a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. She believes that successful places are created through thoughtful collaboration and celebration of the community’s voice through design.

Christine has a Bachelor in studio arts from the University of Texas at Austin where she worked as a botanical designer for several years. It was during this time that she fell in love with designing vibrant outdoor spaces and made the decision to pursue a Master in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning in 2020. Her education has equipped her with a strong foundation in design theory, history, and technical skills that she brings to her projects. She has worked in multidisciplinary environments as a Landscape Designer on a variety of projects including parks, outdoor learning environments, street improvements, commercial campuses, and residential developments.

Amelia will be completing her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture at Pennsylvania State University’s Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in December. She focuses on learning about ecological processes in relation to advocating for greener public space and how we can work towards creating sustainable green infrastructure. She has studied abroad in Bonn, Germany and Venice, Italy. Amelia has experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, AutoCAD, Civil3D, and hand drawing.