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What Impacts Will the Oil and Gas Industry Have on Your Community?

How does a community proactively plan for the impacts of the oil and gas industry?  This is one of the most important issues we are exploring with Crawford County while developing their Comprehensive Plan.  Jim Pashek Shale-Pad-300x168presented some interesting information to the Crawford County Oil and Gas Task Force on Friday, February 22nd.  Here are a few fun facts that we discovered while conducting our research for the County’s plan:

  • The truck traffic generated by a single drilling site is the weight equivalent of 14,400,000 standard cars using the roadway. Imagine the impact of 14 million cars on the small locally-maintained roads!
  • Workers, typically young males that have been transplanted from Oklahoma or Texas, want to live within 13 miles of their worksite.  Is there available housing/lodging in your community for these workers?  If these workers displace existing residents, are there other housing options available to these residents?
  • This is a 24-hour industry and 12-hour shifts are common.  How might local businesses change their hours of operation or products to capitalize on the economic opportunities presented by the industry?

The impacts spread wider than these of course.  There are environmental challenges and requests for information and permits at county and local government offices will undoubtedly increase.  Pashek Associates and the County are both learning how the impacts of this industry can spread into many different facets of life in the County.

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