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Allegheny Commons

City of Pittsburgh, PA

Pashek + MTR continues to provide design and construction documentation services to implement the recommendations contained in the Master Plan for Allegheny Commons (2002, Pressley Associates).

Pathways, perimeter railings, signage, benches, and the enhancement of the tree promenade constituted the improvements to this heavily used public park. A lot of care and research went into finding historically appropriate materials that were then modified to support the use of the park.  Historically accurate light fixtures were retrofitted with LEDs.  A test fixture was then taken onto site before final selection and further modifications were made to reduce glare.

The next phase of construction, starting soon, includes recreating the decorative fountain that was an integral part of the original Commons. By referencing historic photos of the fountain, its design will be closely replicated.  To reduce access by skateboarders, the walkway around the perimeter of the fountain has been eliminated by moving the planting beds to the fountain’s edge. Pedestrians will still enjoy four points of access to the fountain’s edge.

Funding was obtained from several sources, including volunteer groups, the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC), and through the City of Pittsburgh Public Works.