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Allegheny Commons

Pittsburgh, PA

Pashek + MTR provided design and construction documentation services to the Allegheny Commons Initiative and Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to implement the recommendations contained in the Master Plan for Allegheny Common (2002, Pressley Associates).

The first two phases of construction renovated the east side of the Commons along Cedar Avenue, restoring the pathways, perimeter railings, signage, benches, lighting, and enhancing the tree promenade of this heavily used public park. Significant care and research went into using historically appropriate furnishings and materials.

The Patricia Regan Rooney Memorial Fountain, also known as the Northeast Fountain, is part of the third phase of improvements to be implemented. The project, comprising approximately one city block, included restoration of the historic ornamental fountain at the corner of Cedar and North Avenues and surrounding gardens, as well as installation of new pathways, benches, lighting, and other amenities. Historic photographs were the basis for reproducing the large Grecian urn and pool coping in cast stone. A tall central jet and eight smaller jets create an exuberant fountain display. Approaching the fountain are additional completed sections of the Promenade, complete with comfortable benches and lighting. Pashek+MTR worked carefully with the City Forester and the Parks Conservancy to lay out the fountain and lighting utilities to avoid existing tree roots and preserve all the existing trees on site.

Since the fountain grand opening in 2019, many more people are enjoying this corner of the Commons. The fountain completes the long view from the east and north Promenade walkways, drawing people to the fountain circle.