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Allegheny West Neighborhood Planning

City of Pittsburgh, PA

The Allegheny West Civic Council hired Pashek+MTR to develop a new action-oriented neighborhood plan that was driven by public input. The primary goal was to improve the neighborhood’s aging infrastructure while maintaining important historic attributes.

An emphasis was placed on ensuring a high-level of public participation. Repairing sidewalks while preserving as many historic street trees as possible was one of the main concerns for neighborhood residents. Other important themes included: improved street lighting, pedestrian safety/connections, traffic calming, parking, and neighborhood beautification.

This process led to immediate achievable projects including helping Allegheny West Civic Council to work with Tree Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh forester to acquire and plant new street trees. In addition, the plan aided the neighborhood council in creating methods of coordination between homeowners, the City, and sources of funding to aid in neighborhood sidewalk repair and improvements.