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Aspinwall Comprehensive Plan

Aspinwall Borough, PA

Pashek+MTR worked with a highly engaged steering committee to create a new Implementable Comprehensive Plan for Aspinwall Borough, providing local officials and staff with a workbook of detailed strategies that represent doable, incremental steps toward large-scale aspirations.

The project drew deeply on public engagement, relying on multiple community forums to generate conversation that not only provided direction for community vision and priorites, but got people excited about their own role in getting local projects underway and initiatives off and running.

Concepts that the plan developed include transforming Alley A from service space to create a linear place that connects the Brilliant Avenue and Commercial Avenue business districts; working with PennDOT and other partners to create a “green boulevard” along Freeport Road that elevates the priority of pedestrians and cyslists; and new master plans for both community parks. Additionally, it includes strategies for right-sizing parking and detailed zoning recommendations that will prepare Aspinwall for a post-Covid world. Details are at