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Bloomfield Dek Hockey

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Working with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department Engineering and Construction, Division of Public Works, Pashek + MTR completed the final design, prepared construction documents, and provided construction observation services for this multi-faceted parks improvement project.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation donated a 60’ x 120’ roller hockey court to the City of Pittsburgh, which required the reconfiguration of a playground and bocce courts.

During the design process, we looked for opportunities to make the park more sustainable. We introduced porous asphalt under the court surface to manage stormwater. LED sports court and area lighting reduce electrical consumption. Further, the lighting control system was updated from a timer based system to a user controlled system, further reducing electrical consumption and corresponding costs. Low mow lawn alternative was used on steep slopes to reduce maintenance and air pollution caused by maintenance equipment.

The City improvements to the park have been embraced by the Bloomfield neighborhood and the Bloomfield Dek Hockey association.