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Crafton-Ingram Thrive: Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Crafton and Ingram, PA

Crafton and Ingram sought to undertake joint comprehensive planning because of similarities in their character, histories and current challenges. The communities chose to focus on planning that would address budding problems and build on strengths.

Crafton and Ingram want to enhance the boroughs’ small-town feel while propelling the communities forward. The boroughs chose four working areas as the primary focus of the Implementable Comprehensive Plan: Deteriorating properties, commercial development, walkability and connectivity, and communications. Work to make positive changes is already under way.

The goals of this plan and scale of proposed changes were carefully calibrated, with help from a steering committee and the Borough Councils, to align with community capacity. Too limited, and change would not be meaningful. Too ambitious, and the boroughs would not have the means to accomplish what they hoped.

The plan emphasized joint implementation of strategies, and the communities have begun by stating an intention to immediately seek state and county funding to revise their zoning. This will be a foundation for steps to invigorate commercial development, enhance connectivity and address the emerging problem of deteriorating properties. The plan emphasized pedestrian and bicycle connectivity for community and individual health. The two communities have many of the assets that could position them as a next cool place in Pittsburgh, creating an achievable scenario for Crafton and Ingram to thrive.