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Culpeper National Cemetery

Culpeper, VA

Pashek+MTR was the project manager and lead site designer for renovations and improvements at the historic Culpeper National Cemetery, coordinating the design team and serving as the main point of contact for the National Cemetery Administration. Culpeper National Cemetery was established in 1867, and is home to Civil War interments, memorials, and monuments. In recent years, the NCA acquired adjacent property to expand the Cemetery and continue to serve Veterans. Our team designed improvements and renovations to both the historic and modern areas of Culpeper National Cemetery.

Pashek+MTR designed site improvements including: restoration of deteriorated sections of the 150+ year old original brick perimeter wall; road and sidewalk repaving, parking, and drainage improvements; new columbarium walls and grading for future expansion; a pre-placed crypt field; Cemetery signage and floral stations; a new equipment and soil storage building and maintenance yard, and screen planting.

Rehabilitation of historic elements was conducted in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, with extensive field investigation and research on appropriate materials and details. Elements such as the new columbarium walls and the pre-placed crypt field were designed to meet National Cemetery standards while reflecting the character of the surrounding Cemetery and rural Virginia landscape.  These improvements support the Department of Veterans Affairs’ commitment to maintain National Cemeteries as national shrines that will perpetually honor the sacrifices of veterans and their loved ones.