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Harrison, Brackenridge & Tarentum Multimunicipal Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Harrison, Brackenridge & Tarentum, PA


Three neighboring communities in northern Allegheny County share fabulous riverfront access and other strengths but also problems with property decline and lack of community development.  The communities chose to focus on working together to solve problems.

This project demonstrated some of the benefits of the implementable approach in that the communities were able to begin work on some of the Key Issues in the plan even before it was adopted.

Pashek+MTR understood that a significant obstacle to plan implementation was a lack of personnel, funding and other resources to tackle the action steps in the plan. The steering committee helped to identify an existing non-profit agency working in the communities that had the capacity and interest in serving as a community development corporation. This group intends to help lead plan implementation, in partnership with the three local governments and other institutions.

One early step was for volunteers to map incidences of blight throughout the communities, to position the agency to apply for remediation funding. The new CDC will also help the communities pursue the types of riverfront development conceptualized during the planning process.