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Heidelberg, Carnegie & Scott Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Allegheny County, PA

Three inner first ring suburban communities embraced a new concept in comprehensive planning, the Implementable Comprehensive Plan. A unique aspect of the planning effort was not only prioritizing key issues, but listing the likelihood that the issue could be tackled within a reasonable planning time frame. The three communities had a joint interest in redevelopment. In addition, each community had particular goals. Heidelberg wanted to address an opportunity that was slipping away to create new housing along the river. Scott Township wanted to improve a short stretch of Carothers Avenue with mixed-use development. Carnegie hoped to address challenges with residential properties in the Irishtown neighborhood of the borough. The plan developed strategies and achievable goals for each community.

The plan emphasized active transportation, especially completing a sidewalk link from a residential area to a nearby commercial district. Reuse efforts focused on the redevelopment of sites along Chartiers Creek and in existing residential and mixed use neighborhoods, including promoting live/work spaces.