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Marshall Township Implementable Comprehensive Plan

Marshall Township, PA

Pashek+MTR completed an Implementable Comprehensive Plan for Marshall Township, a North Hills community where the protection of verdant wooded hillsides quickly emerged as a top priority. The nearly 10% of residents who responded to the initial community questionnaire made clear that Marshall’s environmental quality and tree cover are existentially important assets that leaders should use the plan to ensure are enhanced in the face of intensifying development pressure.

The team tailored an engagement strategy to tap into this energy. Early in the process, Pashek+MTR gathered a panel of outside experts on various aspects of land conservation to host a community conversation on approaches that would best serve the Township. The team returned to the public twice more as strategies developed, providing engagement activities both online ( and in person.

Ultimately, the plan includes detailed suggestions for zoning and SALDO calibration that the Township will carry into ordinance updates this year, as well as other green space preservation strategies that the process determined would be politically feasible. It also includes a detailed how-to strategy for infill and activation to cultivate Warrendale as a mixed-use town center, next steps and mapping for building out the active transportation network and punch lists for a variety of other high-priority initiatives.