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PA Cyber Student Welcome Center

Midland, PA

The outdoor spaces created for PA Cyber’s new, state-of-the-art student welcome center and administration building facilitate interaction, acknowledge site context and history, and reflect the forward-moving online learning environment offered by PA Cyber.

The minimalistic site design incorporates a linear design concept with simple bands of low maintenance planting, seating, and a custom, horizontal board fence with openings that highlight, rather than block, views to the former adjacent steel industry. Salvaged foundation stone from a former town park amphitheater was repurposed into seat walls.

Challenges and issues solved during the process included designing the linear fence to coexist with existing utility poles (while discouraging climbing), designing the grill enclosure to facilitate future standard grill replacement, creating pleasing views from the interior looking out, and creating planting separation between the busy road and the site outdoor spaces and parking lot.