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Performance Workbook Implementable Comprehensive Plan

The Township of Pine, PA


With a strong desire in the township to focus on “what’s truly important to do, and how to get it done,” this implementable comprehensive plan was designed to be a workbook/guide to Pine Township’s future.

In the form of an action-oriented workbook, the plan incorporates both the township’s comprehensive plan and its comprehensive recreation, park and open space plan.

Color-coded chapters on Trails & Connectivity, Community Character & Appearance, Parks & Recreation, and Public Infrastructure enable users to easily flip to the priorities identified through a public process.

Each chapter provides implementation and management steps that detail exactly what the community said was most important to do – and the specific tasks necessary to get those things done. As a workbook, it includes to-do checklists, timelines, cost estimates and other action-oriented information.

The comprehensive plan focuses on action, not words. Its whole point is to provoke and foster progress and change. Action was under way on several high-priority plan elements long before the plan was officially adopted.